The Secret Masters

Campaign session 2

Garbage Surfing and Religion

We landed in a mining town on Onyasavaal in our quest to search for remaining Jedi. A force presence was detected on a nearby ship which we decided to investigate. Upon entering the ship we were attacked by a mandalorian bounty hunter and had no choice but to retaliate. I killed him in one blow, which ruined any chances of getting information out of him. With the opposition annihilated, we continued our search and found that the force presence was definitely located within the garbage. One of our crew operated a nearby mechanism which dumped out all the garbage onto the ground and our captain (who was on the garbage pile) proceeded to surf down the mountainous pile of refuse on a handy large slate which happened to be a carbon frozen Jedi (… a little more reverence please, captain).

We took the frozen body to our ship, which nobody seemed to find odd, and liberated him only for him to suddenly start spastically swing his lightsaber around like a malfunctioning window wiping droid gone apeshit. I tried and failed to deflect his attacks but our captain managed to get him at least calm down, allowing us to explain the situation and recent history of our galaxy and the Empire’s Rise.

The Jedi turned out to be really hungry, so we went to yet another bantha wing joint and filled up on 100 greasy tasteless wings while drawing the bewildered eyes of everyone and their mother. After our meal I tried to enquire of the bartender about any rumors or unusual going-on’s in the town with very limited success. Our captain stepped in and tried asking questions as well which did reveal a bit of information about some church of… something or another, but our captain asked one dangerous question about magic users which almost got us arrested but l managed to mind trick the bartender just enough to cancel his call to the authorities but not enough to avoid getting kicked out.

Ousted onto the streets we looked around and noticed a building resembling a church and decided to look inside. Sure enough it was a church. We entered and took some seats. Judging by the rudeness of the congregation I encountered, it’s a wonder that they have any members at all, but they must be doing something right since they apparently have enough money for a rose window.

Soon the preacher stepped out to begin the service and called us all out, putting us in the spotlight (a very awkward spotlight, I might add. I wish I had spent more time in that social skills and interpersonal communications class I kept ditching.) He revealed himself to have a truth finding ability and stated that he wished to speak with us. I currently ponder about his intentions.

-Sojo Colgo



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