The Secret Masters

story so far 2

by 17

Seventeen We arrived in Onyasavaal and as soon as we disembarked from the Dawn Bantha, we found a force presence in a garbage ship. We opened the door to the back of the ship and were confronted with a mandalorian mercenary. I reacted faster than the others and tried to shoot the gun out of his hand, but my elbow got stuck and I fired off into the trash. The clone in our group tried to do the same thing, but also failed. In retaliation, the mandalorion shot out a wrist rocket that just barely missed the clone and glaced off my shoulder, which caused it to fall off. Our jedi then came in and, with one swing, chopped off the mandalorian’s head off. After that happend we stepped out of the ship and took a breather. The captain( a mon calamari) then started to search the heap of garbage in the back of the ship. The mandalorian from our group, who was in the cockpit the whole time we were fighting, pressed thebutton to dump the garbage. We all stood back as the garbage came tumbling out. A couple of seconds later our captain came sliding down the mountain of garbage on a block of carbonite. Eventually, the repulsors kicked in and the block slowed down. To our suprise, the jedi present our jedi felt was coming from the very obvious frozen jedi in the carbonate. We got him up into the Dawn Bantha and thawed himout in the med room. When he woke up, he tried to attck us. I retreated very quickly into the hall to let the rest of the team handle it. After a bit, I was called back into the room and, reluctantly, I did. After some introductions, we brought him up to speed and had what you would call “akward moments”. We then decideto check out the town.



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