The Secret Masters

Campaign Session 3
Signs of the Inquisition

The Church of the OMC service leader spoke with us briefly after the service ended. We asked him questions that he did not seem to want to answer and the longer we stayed the more agitated he grew. He punched in some buttons on a device that he was holding and without thinking I asked him what it was. The forceful inquiry caused him to throw us out of the building, ruining any chances of gathering anymore information down that avenue. I was hoping to find out what the empire hoped to gain from this organized religion, not to mention the wizards. Mea Culpa.

After unceremoniously leaving the church building an urgent message from J Bardo immediately took our minds off of our failure and prompted us to head back to Rumai post haste. In his message he stated that he was in hiding, which we gathered meant that he was hiding in his abandoned warehouse/storage building. When we arrived at the building we found that the door was slightly ajar. With caution we approached the door with our weapons at ready and entered the building, ready for the worst.

In the darkness the light of a single saber illuminated a terrified J Bardo ready to desperately defend himself. We identified ourselves to him which put him at ease a little, but he was still very badly shaken. He informed us that Lannu the Zabrak Jedi Shadow had been arrested from the Dancing Rankor, and when we asked Bardo who apprehended him the only thing he could say was “red sabers.” This gave me an idea of who was responsible, but I could not confirm it yet. We decided to investigate the scene of the crime at the bar and J Bardo, who wanted to stay safe, followed us.

The arrest had not slowed down business at the bar, apparently. The captain and a few others went to look for signs of struggle and conflict while I went to ask the bartender a few questions. He seemed a bit reluctant to divulge anything. Signs of struggle were found in one of the booths and the captain came over to the counter and paid the bartender some credits, which loosened his tongue a little. We were shown a metal mask which the captain recognized as a mask belonging to members of the Inquisition, confirming my suspicions about the red sabers.

We asked the nearby Bantha Wings joint which direction the Inquisitors had taken Lannu and learned that they had hurried him towards the Imperial governor’s palace. With that information we headed there and saw that there were tours being given of the place, and since we had no other plans to work with we paid for a tour. The tour was the usual non-informative drivel but we learned more from using our eyes and other senses. If the captain hadn’t thought of looking for security doors to try to pry into I wouldn’t have had the idea to tell everyone to search for something. I searched for ways to infiltrate and escape and found the servants’ entrance. Dex our new Jedi sensed strong force presences in palace, several of which were in the basement. 17 found a way access security cameras. Gunny recognized Soldier and guard patterns and schedules from his memories as a republic soldier. Rick Fett found something else that was helpful.

We left the Palace tour when it was over and started to form together a plan.

-Sojo Colgo

Continuing from the previous post...

We then went to Onnyasavall’s outpost of Bantha Wings™ and purchased 300 of the finely greased, slimy option (as opposed to crispy) BBQ flavored wings. the first way you can tell that you’re in the galaxy’s boon docks is when you get strange looks for trying to feed your whole crew. Sheesh. The way they acted you would think that we were the weird ones. The droids weren’t even eating! Any normal spaceport it would be normal to order 300 wings.

Well, the other way that you can tell that you’re in the boondocks of the galaxy is the distinct LACK of imperial influence. Seriously, how long has it been in the central quadrants since anyone had a serious religion? Those were outlawed decades ago.

So we found out that Onnyasavall has a religion. First I’ve ever heard of one, let alone gone to a meeting, what did they call that? Oh yeah. A Congregation. We are about to get a little more information on this. the priest is going to give us a speech, thankfully he knows we are outsiders, the rest of the people we’ve talked to haven’t been too nice about that, or we were asking the wrong questions. I would have gone about asking for directions a different way, but you can’t argue with Jedi. Especially ones who can chop a mandelorian’s head off with no effort.

Captain’s log signing out.

story so far 2
by 17

Seventeen We arrived in Onyasavaal and as soon as we disembarked from the Dawn Bantha, we found a force presence in a garbage ship. We opened the door to the back of the ship and were confronted with a mandalorian mercenary. I reacted faster than the others and tried to shoot the gun out of his hand, but my elbow got stuck and I fired off into the trash. The clone in our group tried to do the same thing, but also failed. In retaliation, the mandalorion shot out a wrist rocket that just barely missed the clone and glaced off my shoulder, which caused it to fall off. Our jedi then came in and, with one swing, chopped off the mandalorian’s head off. After that happend we stepped out of the ship and took a breather. The captain( a mon calamari) then started to search the heap of garbage in the back of the ship. The mandalorian from our group, who was in the cockpit the whole time we were fighting, pressed thebutton to dump the garbage. We all stood back as the garbage came tumbling out. A couple of seconds later our captain came sliding down the mountain of garbage on a block of carbonite. Eventually, the repulsors kicked in and the block slowed down. To our suprise, the jedi present our jedi felt was coming from the very obvious frozen jedi in the carbonate. We got him up into the Dawn Bantha and thawed himout in the med room. When he woke up, he tried to attck us. I retreated very quickly into the hall to let the rest of the team handle it. After a bit, I was called back into the room and, reluctantly, I did. After some introductions, we brought him up to speed and had what you would call “akward moments”. We then decideto check out the town.

Campaign session 2
Garbage Surfing and Religion

We landed in a mining town on Onyasavaal in our quest to search for remaining Jedi. A force presence was detected on a nearby ship which we decided to investigate. Upon entering the ship we were attacked by a mandalorian bounty hunter and had no choice but to retaliate. I killed him in one blow, which ruined any chances of getting information out of him. With the opposition annihilated, we continued our search and found that the force presence was definitely located within the garbage. One of our crew operated a nearby mechanism which dumped out all the garbage onto the ground and our captain (who was on the garbage pile) proceeded to surf down the mountainous pile of refuse on a handy large slate which happened to be a carbon frozen Jedi (… a little more reverence please, captain).

We took the frozen body to our ship, which nobody seemed to find odd, and liberated him only for him to suddenly start spastically swing his lightsaber around like a malfunctioning window wiping droid gone apeshit. I tried and failed to deflect his attacks but our captain managed to get him at least calm down, allowing us to explain the situation and recent history of our galaxy and the Empire’s Rise.

The Jedi turned out to be really hungry, so we went to yet another bantha wing joint and filled up on 100 greasy tasteless wings while drawing the bewildered eyes of everyone and their mother. After our meal I tried to enquire of the bartender about any rumors or unusual going-on’s in the town with very limited success. Our captain stepped in and tried asking questions as well which did reveal a bit of information about some church of… something or another, but our captain asked one dangerous question about magic users which almost got us arrested but l managed to mind trick the bartender just enough to cancel his call to the authorities but not enough to avoid getting kicked out.

Ousted onto the streets we looked around and noticed a building resembling a church and decided to look inside. Sure enough it was a church. We entered and took some seats. Judging by the rudeness of the congregation I encountered, it’s a wonder that they have any members at all, but they must be doing something right since they apparently have enough money for a rose window.

Soon the preacher stepped out to begin the service and called us all out, putting us in the spotlight (a very awkward spotlight, I might add. I wish I had spent more time in that social skills and interpersonal communications class I kept ditching.) He revealed himself to have a truth finding ability and stated that he wished to speak with us. I currently ponder about his intentions.

-Sojo Colgo

Episode 1

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