The Secret Masters

Continuing from the previous post...

We then went to Onnyasavall’s outpost of Bantha Wings™ and purchased 300 of the finely greased, slimy option (as opposed to crispy) BBQ flavored wings. the first way you can tell that you’re in the galaxy’s boon docks is when you get strange looks for trying to feed your whole crew. Sheesh. The way they acted you would think that we were the weird ones. The droids weren’t even eating! Any normal spaceport it would be normal to order 300 wings.

Well, the other way that you can tell that you’re in the boondocks of the galaxy is the distinct LACK of imperial influence. Seriously, how long has it been in the central quadrants since anyone had a serious religion? Those were outlawed decades ago.

So we found out that Onnyasavall has a religion. First I’ve ever heard of one, let alone gone to a meeting, what did they call that? Oh yeah. A Congregation. We are about to get a little more information on this. the priest is going to give us a speech, thankfully he knows we are outsiders, the rest of the people we’ve talked to haven’t been too nice about that, or we were asking the wrong questions. I would have gone about asking for directions a different way, but you can’t argue with Jedi. Especially ones who can chop a mandelorian’s head off with no effort.

Captain’s log signing out.



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